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Bad SEO Companies

The search engine marketing industry has its share of bad apples. There are individuals and companies who promote and practice unethical optimisation techniques. Search engines frown upon attempts to manipulate their algorithms and often carry out penalties (automated or not). These techniques are also known as search engine spam. The rule of thumb is that anything that leads to content being visible to search engines but hidden to regular users is regarded as spam.

Before you hire a SEO make sure they are not employing illegitimate methods which could get your site banned from search engines. This is the number one reason business owners are afraid of opting for search engine optimisation. It can become so worrying, that businesses may not want to take chances at all. This will make them miss out on some excellent marketing opportunities.

These are the most common unethical practices in the search engine optimisation industry but there are more subtle ones which can be just as dangerous (for your site). Some SEOs:

Promote websites by joining link farms and free-for-all links. These are considered to be bad neighbourhoods by search engines.

Avoid Bad SEO

Place hidden links back to their site from their clients' site without the owner's expressed consent. These will give their own site a boost in rankings but jeopardise the status of their clients' sites.

Will guarantee top rankings in the major search engines. In most instances they will get you top rankings for obscure keywords that don't bring any traffic and are of no use to you.

Use their own network of shadow domains to boost rankings and traffic for your own. If you ever decide to terminate the contract, they can undo the off-site optimisation and your site will suffer.

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